down the stairs (2003) “life on film” archives

This was taken on my grandparents porch in waynesville, north carolina in 2003. My granny and grandpa’s house was an awesome place to explore, especially when I was growing up.

bell and howell FD35
canon 50 f/1.4
kodak C-41 black and white film, scanned.
down the stairs granny house (2003)

praying mantis (2005)

I noticed this praying mantis outside of my window one day.

konica autoreflex TC
hexanon AR 28 f/3.5 + .42X wide angle
kodak c-41 black and white film negative scan

This was the last frame on the roll.

praying mantis (2005)

praying mantis (2005)

ian “life on film” print (2007)

i shot this portrait of ian in the fall of 2007 as part of a portrait study.
they are part of the “life on film” series.

bell and howell FD35 with a canon 50mm f/1.4

ilford hp5 400 – 36 exposures

this print means a lot to me because of the time I spent in the darkroom perfecting it. This was included in my portfolio for my black and white photography class.

scanned original print

ian (2008)

ian (2007)