elementary portraits (2007) part 1

this is part 1 of the “elementary portrait” series.

these are some of my elementary students i used to teach years ago.

amber (2007)

dajah (2007)

justin (2007)

jaylin (2007)


stay tuned forĀ part 2.

shooting film again

hello, i have lost touch on this site because i have been spending my time on g+.

but that doesn’t mean i have forgotten about this site.

last december my best friend laura from barcelona came to visit me and we shot some film, on both the orange plastic camera i have used for series on here as well as a pentax 35mm. those pictures will debut on here soon enough.

next i will be posting a black and white portrait series of my elementary students from 2006, very soon.

don’t give up on me and i won’t give up on you.