orange series

this series is from the first roll i shot on this plastic orange camera i bought at a goodwill store. it was shot sometime around spring, summer and early fall 2009. this is part 1, and part 2 will be up sometime later.

orange plastic camera series part 1

dead dog in front of my house (2009) color 200 speed kodak film

legistlative ceiling (2009)

from the nashville capital looking out (2009)

paper factory (cloud making factory) canton, north carolina (2009)

more soon…

“burn” series

this is the first series on the site, entitled “burn”

these were shot in 2006 on a trip to north carolina. i found a building that had just recently burned down. all shot on a bell and howell FD35 with kodak c-41 black and white film

all images copyright 2011-infinity by sean conley

next in the series, color photographs from the orange plastic camera in 2009.

stay tuned…