torn mattress (2007)

my mattress was torn.

bell and howell FD35
canon 50 f/1.4
ilford hp5 film

torn mattress

downtown murfreesboro (2003) life on film series

I shot this sometime in 2003.
I snuck into an elevator and rode it to the top. It is the tallest building in town.
I had just enough time to shoot a long exposure before I was discovered and asked to leave.
Scanned print.
bell and howell FD35
kodak 400 BW


downtown long exposure (2003)

ian “life on film” print (2007)

i shot this portrait of ian in the fall of 2007 as part of a portrait study.
they are part of the “life on film” series.

bell and howell FD35 with a canon 50mm f/1.4

ilford hp5 400 – 36 exposures

this print means a lot to me because of the time I spent in the darkroom perfecting it. This was included in my portfolio for my black and white photography class.

scanned original print

ian (2008)

ian (2007)