spike jonze (2003) from the archives

I couldn’t end the site without having at least one more post.

spike jonze (september 2003)
photograph by sean conley 
bell and howell FD35
canon 50 f/1.4
kodak 400 c-41 black and white film

I met spike jonze at the hot chocolate tour skate demo at 6th avenue in nashville, tennessee in 2003. My friend jim was in the background talking and spike turned around and I shot this. I was too nervous to walk up to spike and ask to take his portrait. Even though looking back now I know he wouldn’t have cared. I met marc johnson, kenny anderson and loads of others that night. good times. I will have to dig up those photos and scan them one day. This one is from the archives.

spike jonze (2003)

spike jonze (2003)

I will be posting the link with all of my film photographs on here when they are finally up. It will be archives from 2003-2009. Thanks again for following this blog.

2 thoughts on “spike jonze (2003) from the archives

    1. Thanks. I think it worked out in the end. It is crazy to think I shot this 10 years ago. I am really bummed that I lost almost all of my work on that hard drive. I might be able to salvage some film on other hard drives and computers in storage. I still have all of the negatives, so that is one great thing about shooting film. Backups.

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